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Alternative Dispute Resolution Conference (42719602)

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has gained increased popularity in recent times due to congestion in the courts, delays in litigation, rising legal costs and client requests. According to a 2018 report on the state of the Australian legal market, dispute resolution is the fastest growing practice area at 19.1% growth year on year. As the pressure from courts and clients for pre-trial settlements increases, lawyers experienced in ADR have a distinct advantage.


The Thomson Reuters ADR Conference is taking place in Sydney on 23 March 2020. The conference aims to address the key issues with ADR, why ADR is providing outcomes litigation cannot provide and skills for managing conflict and resolving disputes. The conference is for ADR practitioners and lawyers dealing with commercial, community and workplace disputes to family conflict. The Conference aims to provide practical tips and training on mediation and arbitration skills, techniques for communicating with influence during negotiations, addressing ethical issues and much more.

Conference topics include:

  • Different forms of ADR, their limitations, advantages and disadvantages
  • When to and when not to go to ADR
  • Issues with case management
  • Effectively preparing for ADR to get the best outcomes
  • Negotiation skills in a mediation setting
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Technology and dispute resolution
  • Ethics and professional responsibility in mediation and ADR