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Psyched Out and On the Hook: Preventing and Eliminating Toxic Workplace Behaviours – Workshop 1

Building Confidence around Legal Risk: Employment Law Fundamentals in Practice. 3-part workshop series.


This practical workshop being the first in the 3-part workshop series is designed specifically to equip managers and supervisors with the skills and knowledge to address and eliminate bullying, sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.  

Sex-based harassment is pervasive.   There is no industry or institution that is immune to it.  Three years after the landmark Respect@Work Report, it is clear that the prevention of and response to sex-based harassment and discrimination in the workplace has escalated to be a significant issue demanding attention from all stakeholders.

We are now witnessing the swift and urgent implementation of a raft of measures, by state and federal government and industry alike, to curb the harrowing accounts of bullying and sex-based harassment in the workplace.

This interactive workshop will ensure that those in attendance understand the increased exposure and extended obligations that arise under the new legislative measures to addre3ss and eliminate bullying, sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

The workshop will provide practical guidance to those in attendance such that they are empowered and equipped to drive positive and safe cultural change in their workplaces.

Who Should Attend

People from across all industries who are responsible for managing employees, workplace conflict, disciplinary processes, investigations and terminations including:

  • Safety Managers
  • Occupational Health & Safety Managers & Advisors 
  • Human Resources Managers & Advisors 
  • HR Directors and General Managers 
  • Wellbeing and Wellness Managers 
  • Employee Relations Managers 
  • People & Culture Managers 
  • HR Business Partners 
  • Line Managers/Supervisors/ Team Leaders 
  • In-house Counsel 


Course Content

Attendees will examine:

  • the modern-day workplace and the importance of creating and ensuring safe, respectful workplace cultures in 2023 and beyond (the why);
  • key definitions, real-life case stories and risk factors associated with bullying, harassment and sexual harassment;
  • compliance obligations under the Respect@Work Act;
  • the changing safety landscape and increased liability for psychological health and safety risk;
  • tools to achieve psychologically safe workplaces;
  • the importance and power of bystanders in eradicating bullying and harassment in the workplace; and
  • the legal consequences for employers and individuals in failing to ensure a respect workplace and a workplace free from hazards?


Key Learning Outcomes

Attendees will learn:

  • how to prevent poor and unsafe behaviours like bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and racial discrimination;
  • what constitutes sexual harassment and what has been the legal response in Australia following #MeToo;
  • what constitutes workplace bullying;
  • the key changes arising from the Respect@Work Act and the consequential amendments and intersection with the Fair Work Act and the Sex Discrimination Act;
  • what the new positive duty looks like in practise and the increased liability for failure to take positive action;
  • what is required of employers to ensure compliance with the new legislative requirements;
  • what measures employers should be looking to implement in order to minimise risk and exposure;
  • the regulatory position on psychosocial hazards and the likely impact of the changes;
  • the duty of care obligations and psychosocial hazards arising in a remote, hybrid and flexible workplace
  • what proactive steps employers can implement to embed psychosocial safety in their organisations;
  • how to be an active bystander in the workplace and the tools to respond appropriately;
  • safe, supportive and appropriate responses to incidents of poor behaviours at work; and
  • the legal consequences for employers and individuals in failing to ensure a respect workplace and a workplace free from hazards?

The interactive workshop will provide attendees with an opportunity to be involved in role playing under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. The role plays will allow attendees an opportunity to practise engaging in safe methods of bystander intervention and receive immediate constructive feedback.  The interactive workshop will also provide attendees an opportunity to engage in an exercise where they identify a psychological hazard present in their current workplace and then workshop control measures to manage the psychological hazard.

The interactive workshop will also provide attendees with an opportunity to examine a hypothetical scenario (based on current case law) during an interactive and collaborative session where attendees will be given an opportunity to apply what they have learnt to a ‘real life’ scenario. The case study will enable attendees to connect with and identify issues, which will provide for deeper learning where participants will see the relevance of their learnings to their own work environments.


Workshop Timings

8.30 Registration and Welcome Tea / Coffee

9.00 Session 1

10.30 Networking Break

11.00 Session 2

12.30 Lunch

13.00 Session 3

14.30 Networking Break

14.50 Session 4

16.30 Close of Workshop


Workshop Facilitator:

Kate Walawski

Barrister, Sage Strategic Consulting

 Kate has practiced almost exclusively in the area of workplace relations, employment and safety law since leaving a career in education and forging a new career in law.  She has extensive experience in helping businesses traverse the ever-changing Australian employment and safety law landscape and assisting them to minimise their legal risk and exposure and achieve legal compliance. 

She has assisted clients in managing work force challenges and has played a pivotal role in supporting the long-term growth of her clients’ businesses.  In addition Kate has also advised on equal opportunity, harassment, bullying and psychological safety to clients across a range of industries. 

As a passionate educator she is frequently called on to present at seminars and conferences and delivers tailored training workshops on workplace and safety issues and employment law best practice.

Kate is an experienced mediator with national accreditation. Kate has an established history in conducting high risk workplace investigations and also in being able to facilitate the resolution of complex workplace disputes. 

Prior to recently being called to the Bar, Kate’s professional experience includes operating her own legal and consultancy business. 

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