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Masterclass - Influence Beyond Words: The Art of EQ and Persuasion in Law (Earlybird)

Unlock the power to decode, connect, and conquer your legal practice in this exclusive masterclass tailored for lawyers to effectively understand and influence people and outcomes.


Hurry - Limited early bird release! Available to the first 20 participants per city.

Join us and unlock the power of influence and persuasion.


In today's dynamic legal landscape, possessing technical expertise alone is no longer enough. Successful lawyers blend legal acumen with emotional intelligence (EQ) and effective communication skills. As the legal profession evolves with AI, the ability to connect on a human level becomes increasingly valuable.

This intensive one-day course explores the nuanced skills of interpreting facial features, body language, and micro-expressions, alongside effective listening and verbal communication techniques. In a profession where technical expertise is merely the foundation, elevate your practice by mastering emotional intelligence and persuasive communication.This bespoke workshop addresses the unique human-centric challenges of the legal field.

By attending, you will:

  • Develop advanced EQ skills for deeper client connections.
  • Hone communication skills that balance assertiveness and empathy in written and verbal interactions.
  • Learn top NLP tactics for successful mediation and ADR.
  • Acquire the ability to read people, interpret their body language and micro-expressions, and influence outcomes in real-world legal scenarios, crucial for client satisfaction and courtroom success.

This masterclass empowers lawyers to decode complex non-verbal cues, establish deeper connections with clients and peers, and overcome the challenges of the evolving legal terrain. Join us to unlock the power to influence beyond words. Limited spots are available, with a maximum of 50 participants per city.

Skills you'll gain by attending:

  • Mastery in Reading Facial Features: Gain the skill to understand and interpret facial features, enhancing your ability to gain faster rapport and appreciate expected reactions in legal interactions.

  • Advanced Understanding of Body Language: Learn to decode body language, an essential tool for reading situations and people in the legal environment.

  • Expertise in Micro Expressions: Develop the ability to identify and interpret micro-expressions, providing a deeper insight into unspoken emotions and thoughts.

  • Effective Listening Skills: Cultivate active listening techniques that enable better understanding and empathy in client and courtroom communications.

  • Persuasive Verbal Communication: Harness the power of persuasive speech to influence outcomes and strengthen your legal practice.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for all experience levels. Whether you practice law in-house, in public, or in private firm settings, this masterclass is designed for lawyers looking to enhance their negotiation, mediation, and persuasion skills.

Why You Should Attend:

Become a master of reading people in this hands-on environment featuring presentations, interactive discussions, role-playing scenarios, and individual exercises.Skills gained in this workshop will enable you to:

  • Cultivate unbreakable lawyer-client bonds through enhanced emotional intelligence.
  • Achieve success in mediation and ADR, securing favourable outcomes.
  • Position yourself for success in the evolving legal landscape where human skills complement technical legal expertise.
  • Transform internal communication and elevate team dynamics within your firm.

Join us for a transformative experience at our exclusive Influence Beyond Words masterclass. Elevate your legal prowess and navigate the future of law with confidence. Don't just practice law; master the art of influence with Alan Stevens!

About Your Facilitator:

Alan Stevens, International Profile and Communications Specialist

Alan Stevens is a globally renowned International Profiling and Communications Specialist, esteemed by prestigious publications such as the UK Guardian and the Newcastle Herald. With over three decades of expertise, he has been acclaimed as the foremost authority in reading people, earning the title “The Mentalist meets Dr Phil” by some. 
His illustrious career has seen him collaborate with industry giants like Disney Films and Gillette, as well as esteemed organizations such as the Australian Federal Police, guiding them in deciphering the intricacies of human behavior. Alan's mastery extends to diverse sectors, including real estate, where he provides CPD training to elevate businesses, secure more listings, and foster team growth. 
As a seasoned practitioner in psychometric profiling, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and body language analysis, Alan empowers individuals and businesses to forge deeper connections, enhance presentations, and sharpen negotiation skills. His transformative insights have graced national television, radio, and the global press, where he has profiled influential figures ranging from politicians to sports stars. 
Beyond his professional endeavors, Alan is deeply committed to philanthropy and mental health advocacy. He spearheads initiatives like #WeTogether and The Campfire Project, offering platforms for individuals worldwide to share their stories and wisdom. Additionally, as a Director of The Business Of Smiles and a Non-Executive Director of the Central Coast Montessori Primary School, he champions mental health awareness in workplaces and educational settings. 
Alan's multifaceted career trajectory encompasses leadership roles in technology, charity board memberships, and international speaking engagements. Armed with master certifications in human trait recognition, NLP, and hypnosis, alongside elite proficiency in micro-expression recognition and dangerous demeanor detection, Alan embodies a rare blend of expertise and empathy, shaping a world where understanding fosters connection and growth. 

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